Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the app to my parents, is their some sort of URL link I send with the detail of username and password, 

As an admin there is an email admin page in main admin, so you can send out to individuals or groups.

As regular users is there a separate user guide for them to familiarise themselves with the app.

Good point , I will write a manual for parents how to vote etc. this will be viewable in the help section

One other thing having difficulty adding my assistant coach as a user, I follow the steps enterig his email and filling in the details but when I update nothing seems to happen and as he is the father of one of my players can his email be used under the players details and under the coaches or would he have dual role as coach/player or should I use his mams email address.

Every user is an individual who can have multiple roles within the club or league. You don’t need to create more users for the same person, just roles.

How do other parents get access to the site for the same child

If someone else in their family wants to login, they should all use the same username and password as that’s where all the details of that player and any correspondence will come to.